Arty Party’s animation ‘Let Me In’ goes on the road.

‘Let me in’ ,the fantastic animation you can view at the bottom of our homepage, has been shown to audiences in Wolverhampton, Oxford and Texas USA  this month.
The animation was received with much laughter and applause at , The Flip festival , Wolverhampton, The Flash Forward festival in Oxford and at Cinema Touching Disability in Austin, Texas. In Texas the animation was awarded third prize in the short film category, well done all members of Arty Party that worked so hard to create this animation and special thanks to Neil Webber who made such a fantastic job of bringing all the ideas, experiances and drawings to life.

Fragments of Dark – Review and photos (click on this banner)

 Over 750 people came to experience the installation and performance of “Fragments of Dark” at Blists Hill as part of the ‘Ghostly Gaslight Night’ Halloween celebration.Arty Party artists worked alongside the Arty Party performance group members to create sound-scapes, dramatic shadows, and eerie performances. Old keys, bones and strange medical implements swung as if by magic from the ceiling; leaves, twigs and blown in detritus covered the floor. A strange mobile, made as if by children, created eerie and moving patterns across the far corner of the hut. The old bb hut in Blists Hill village was transformed into a place of shadows.

 The hut was an atmospheric and very narrow place to experience theatre, with often only inches between the single file of audience and the mesmerising performers. The haunting sound-scape created by Sound Artist Nick Parkin, alongside the words and whispers of the performance group, added richly to the experience. Co-directors Ray Jacobs and Nick Parkin referenced influences such as film directors The Brothers Quay and of writers such as Edgar Alan Poe and Dante Rossetti.

 The ten performers repeated simple and surreal actions: the slow and menacing sweeping of a broom, a lover’s hand slowly following the contours of another’s face, another performer’s eyes transfixed as he slowly reflected light from the mirror he held, across the hut’s wooden ceiling.

The performance group also enacted short dark scenes from gothic horror stories. In one story disembodied hands tapping rhythmically upon a box, scuttled away as Death made three loud knocks with his staff on the floor. A young female performer dressed in white slowly transformed into a withering old lady, eventually blown down by the insistent influence of Death’s repeated ‘three knocks’.

In another story the continual slow pacing across the room by a lady in black brought terror for five performers pinned against the wall. The performers suffered from different terrifying delusions each time she slowly swept past: fear of ageing, fear of heights, fear of spiders, until eventually the performers (like some of the audience) were literally petrified.

The combination of skilful transformative performance and eerie, powerful set design and lighting made Fragments of Dark a truly remarkable and thought provoking experience.

 Performers; Alison Picknell, Dean Warburton, Graham Busby, Nathan Campbell, Rebecca Smith,
Sean Nightingale, Stacey Smith, Mervyn Bradley, Sam Rogers, Zoe Robinson

Co – directors; Ray Jacobs, Nick Parkin

Set Design; Wren Miller

Lighting design and stage management; Jonathan Tritton

Click here to view digital images of the show by Nettie Edwards


Fedora wows the Theatre Severn audience.

Arty Party Performers, Jonathan White, Graham Busby, Samuel Rogers and Nathan Campbell put on an excellent performance at the Theatre Severn on Wednesday 22nd of September. Fedora, an exciting physical theatre piece, was performed in front of over 200 people as part of the Spice of Life showcase. Hopefully the performance can be repeated soon in Telford so that more Arty Party members get a chance to watch this great piece of theatre. Arty Party would like to thank the organisers of Spice of Life for giving us such a good performance platform and for commissioning the new piece.

Come and watch Arty Party perform at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury, on Wednesday 22nd of September

The performance group have made an exciting new theatre piece called Fedora. The piece, performed by Jonathan White, Nathan Campbell, Graham Busby and Samuel Rodgers will be part of an evening of inspiring performances ‘Spice of Life’ at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury.
Spice of Life is showing at the Theatre Severn on Wednesday 22nd of September. There is a Matinee show at 2.30pm followed by an evening show at 7.30pm, for full ticket details press on this link. 

Please come along and enjoy the Arty Party performance as well as seeing other exciting companies such as Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company  in action.

Upcoming social nights

Next social night is on the 24th September at Castle Farm Community Centre in Hadley, 7 – 9.30.  The theme will be ‘Posh frock’ so get your glad rags on!

Themes of social nights in the coming months….  Fright Night (October), Christmas market (November), Lords and Ladies Banquet (December), Panto trip (Jan 2011).

Put on your stars and stripes for the social night

The next social night will be held on Friday 30th April,
7.00pm – 9pm at Care Ironbridge. The address is Forbes Close, Ironbridge (close to Abraham Darby School).
Pick up’s by bus 6.30 pm.

 The theme is anything American. Ideas for dressing up so far include; Cowboys, Indians, The Simpsons, The Staue of Liberty, American Cops, A Hamburger , and anything with Stars and Stripes. There will be a disco and games, there will be a raffle, refreshments but sadly no alchohol. Please bring money to spend.

The Performance Group gets going !

Our first two sessions have gone really well. We are now a group of seven performers with three more to join soon. We have been spending time improvising, making movements, sounds, and stories up as we go along. We have been learning simple movements exercises using eastern dance forms such as Taiji Qigong and Butoh.

Yesterday we worked with ideas about simple things transforming and changing; a feather became a candle, a parrot, a fan, a toothbrush, sheeps wool, a gun, a sparkler,a nose tickler, even a cow ! The performers worked with these incredible changes that happened to the feather in their hands as they walked slowly across the studio floor.

3,2,1 Lift Off !

The Arty Party Performance Group

 begins on Monday 12th of April.

After two years of waiting we are finally going back into the studio,to move, to perform, to share our stories and stretch our imaginations.
Six performers will be starting this easter, Alison, Zoe,Rebecca,Samuel,Sean and Andrew. We will aim to become a group of ten once the college term is over.
We will be supported by artistic advocates Richard and Julie.
We are meeting every Monday and will be focusing on getting to know and trust each other, share stories and get comfortable with expressing ourselves through movement and voice.

Places are still available if anyone with a learning disability over school age wishes to join us, I’d be happy to arrange a taster visit, call me, Ray Jacobs on 07722802037