Christmas Poems

By Zoe, Julia, Jonathan, James, Jamie and Lloyd

You give stockings
give a stocking, give a bicycle gift.
I love opening time
A Bicycle and a football
Gifts are nice
But with love you open time.


Christmas Poem
By Jamie Durant

Christmas is part of a celebration and being festive.
The flake of snow is coming down upon us.
It also is family time. We all open our present time.
Plus being warm and also having a good time.
It’s also when Christmas time has come we hear the sound of jingle bells.
Plus the lights.
We will start to come together and share our thoughts.


By Zoe Storme

I like Christmas because it is a time for family together
but Christmas can be hard time for some who have loss in families.
It comes around quickly.

Christmas Best
By James Nightingale

Special time
Time of pantos
Time to meet family
Meet up for Christmas dinner
Could be white Christmas
Tree lights on
Present time


Christmas Limerick
By Lloyd Evans

A season to be most jolly and so fine,
Midwinter, but nights draw out, of Spring a sign,
Once in Royal City,
Mankind: Good took pity.
Christmas fares, parties and mistletoe and wine.


This Time
By David Thomson

This time everyone have a good time at Christmas
For some people this is a hard time
Round the world remember this world
Give a shoe box for children this time
to babies here and in the holy land.

Arty Party says Merry Christmas to all of Wellington.


Mixed Up Christmas
By Sean Nightingale

Christmas presents
Great big present
Rudolf the red nose reindeer
Lovely, colourful decorations
Colourful tinsel
Lit up Christmas tree
Christmas tunes and carol singing.


By Tristan Bentley

The stars shine so bright controlling the night.
The presents he made were charged and ready
then put on the sled.
Santa works so hard trying to beat that light.
He said to his reindeer ‘ it’s time to win the fight’.


Christmas Poem
By Lloyd Evans

Christ found
Heaven abound
Risen sun
Instant fun
Serene call
Truth to all
Magical mystery
Awesome history
Special stars!


By Julia Dean-Richards

On the table, in the pudding,
in each glass you fill and lift,
in the faces of your loved ones,
may you find two special gifts.

Underneath the pretty wrapping,
hung with baubles on the tree,
mistletoed and decked with holly,
hope is boundless, love is free.

Wishing you a warm hug Christmas,
peace and kindness real and true,
may past and present friends and family
raise your spirits – Here’s to you!


Christmas Poem
By Jonathan White

Christmas is nearly here
We put up decorations at Christmas
We wait for Father Christmas to visit us with presents
Reindeer bring Father Christmas with his presents
M is for mince pies


Christmas Angel
By Georgie Dawson and Julia Dean-Richards

The Angel arrived at the stable,
She is sparkly and glittery,
Dress of red and silver,
Wings like soft cobwebs.


By Erika Juniper

Ho Ho Ho
Riding with reindeer
In a Christmas World
Standing around the tree
Tinsel landing on the tree
Making lots of mess
And dancing around with joy
Starting to open presents.


Christmas Spirit
By Eleanor Forrester

Cherish this season of yuletide, bind your heart
soak it right through in the spirit of goodwill.
A time when one’s selfish desires should be suppressed.
Release your soul into giving generous deeds, unwrap
the gifts of kindness and peace, under your Christmas tree.

A Warming Tale 
By Russell, Ross, Jenna, and Edward

Once upon a time, there was a keep-cosy night
The queen was in Buckingham Palace
The blanket wrapped around her knees and lap
Santa was on telly drinking hot chocolate
It tasted very nice.
Christmas pudding cooking in the oven
Christmas carols singing in the church
Hark now, hear the heavens screaming
beckoning Jesus to those in need
all around the world.

By Russell

on a cold winter night
by a coal fire
Angels on the Christmas tree
Twinkle star.

Christmas Specials
By Ross and Julia

Watching The Bill
Getting my fill of policeman’s feet
Heart Beat
Midsommer Murders Murder Mystery
TV History
Inspector Morse came of course
Endeavour, Lewis we can count upon
Let’s turn the Christmas specials on!

By Edward

In a shed full of hay
cows were munching merrily,
Through the night
birds were singing
upon the distant merry land.

Once Upon a Time
By Jenna

Once upon a time, there was Jesus
all around the world of warm
in a tale of a cold winter night
And Jesus will look after
the whole world of Christmas
and look after people
and old people will come.
In real life of Christmas Day
It will come true
in their life of special dreams
They will believe in Christmas
in their life, like in the stars.

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