Valentines Poems

My Friend
By Pippa

My friend is very special
My friend is very dear
My friend is always there for me
When I am full of fear.

My friend is kind and helpful
My friend is Prince Charming too
My friend is always there for me
When I am feeling blue.

My friend is oh so sweet and kind
My friend is oh so true
My friend is always in my heart
In everything I do.

My friend is very handsome
I think I love him too
He will be a friend for life
And my boyfriend that is true.

Good Friends
By Georgie

My good friends
going out places
meeting up for a meal
we like a deal
especially a happy meal.

Show me respect
be kind and happy
work with me
become my family.

Let’s have fun
Let’s go places
Let’s be active,
play tennis, swimming
and cricket too.

Make us joyful
Just like me and you.

Friends for Life
By Edward

When I’m alone at night
I think about my friend for life,
my funny funny wife,
we have a good life.

What time is it, my love?
No crime has occurred
I like the way you smile,
even when I’m alone,
because you are my friend for life.

By Edward

I woke up early
to find you near
sat in my chair
stroking my hair.

But you were gone
and I was there,
everything bare,
like I care.

All I care
about is you,
you and me,
stuck in here
for ever and ever.

For my final message
there is Claire
waiting there,
it is you –
my Valentine.

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