The Market Art Enterprise

Shrewsbury Market

The Arty Party Market Art Enterprise runs weekly art and craft Market stalls at Wellington and Shrewsbury Markets.

The stalls are run by the Market Art Enterprise Team – a team of our members (based either in Shrewsbury or Telford), who volunteer with Arty Party.

Supported by a team leader, the Team is learning and putting into practice art enterprise skills: including selling and recording sales, customer service and how to be safe at the market.

It is our aim to fill the stalls with art and craft items produced by adults with learning and/or physical disabilities. For each item sold, the person who produces the item receives 80% of the sale price. We also work with local artists and crafters, and are happy to receive donated arts and crafted products.

The Arty Party Market Art Enterprise Team has made a significant impact at the market and is becoming established at the heart of the communities in which our members live. This project is on-going, with no end date.

To find out more about this project, or to stay in touch, ‘like’ the project facebook page:¬†or telephone 07825 070 368.

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