Arty Party conquer public spaces in Prague !

Arty Party performer Mervyn Bradley, performance director Ray Jacobs and creative advocate Richard Edwards will be sharing some of Arty Party’s works and working methods at the Conquering Public Spaces Festival in Prague, from the 9th to the 13th of November.

We hope that as well as enjoying the animation ‘Let Me In’ , festival participants will gain insight and inspiration from our workshop  which is about creating an open space where themes, stories and expression can flow out from a group during improvisation based workshops.

In the festivals own words

‘ Over twenty organisations from all over Europe will present themselves at the conference , organisations that are living proof of the fact that people with learning disabilities can and do create music, radio, films, documentaries, visual art, theatre and dance performance at a professional level. The conference will be about best practise in creative work with people with learning disabilities.

More details about this exciting conference can be found on



Fedora wows the Theatre Severn audience.

Arty Party Performers, Jonathan White, Graham Busby, Samuel Rogers and Nathan Campbell put on an excellent performance at the Theatre Severn on Wednesday 22nd of September. Fedora, an exciting physical theatre piece, was performed in front of over 200 people as part of the Spice of Life showcase. Hopefully the performance can be repeated soon in Telford so that more Arty Party members get a chance to watch this great piece of theatre. Arty Party would like to thank the organisers of Spice of Life for giving us such a good performance platform and for commissioning the new piece.

The Performance Group gets going !

Our first two sessions have gone really well. We are now a group of seven performers with three more to join soon. We have been spending time improvising, making movements, sounds, and stories up as we go along. We have been learning simple movements exercises using eastern dance forms such as Taiji Qigong and Butoh.

Yesterday we worked with ideas about simple things transforming and changing; a feather became a candle, a parrot, a fan, a toothbrush, sheeps wool, a gun, a sparkler,a nose tickler, even a cow ! The performers worked with these incredible changes that happened to the feather in their hands as they walked slowly across the studio floor.